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Maybe They Don’t Want to BYOD

Finally, a bar you will want your employees to work in! Kimpton’s Eventi Hotel has implemented the “Business Bar” at their Chelsea, New York location. In exchange for drinks or Apple Genius’, this bar supplies guests with a number of gadgets for them to borrow during their stay. The best part? There’s no “open-gadget law” to speak of. You can wander all over the hotel with your borrowed laptop, tablet, Kindle, or GoPro without feeling shame from scornful eyes. Surf the web, print your boarding pass via wireless printing, or catch up on Netflix in your room. The possibilities are endless with this guest-pleasing amenity.

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Tame Traveler Tantrums with Technology

With the rise of hospitality technology, comes the rise of guest technology demands. Mobile check-in, mobile room keys, and fast Wi-Fi are just the tip of the iceberg. Hospitality Technology reported the top IT-driven steps to meet the needs of travelers. Here’s what you need to know to satisfy your guests:

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iBeacon Technology: The Concierge of the Future

Consumers are depending on their mobile phones more and more for information. While it is important to capitalize on this by optimizing your website for mobile with a responsive design, it extends further than that. iBeacon technology is the next stage for mobile use in hotels, and to jump on board now would give your property an early adopter advantage.

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Baby Boomers Embrace Mobile

As stated in our Mobile Revolution and the Millennial Traveler post, the largest number of hotel mobile site visitors are over 55. The Baby Boomers are quickly becoming consumers of mobile technology, and with their control of over 50% of discretionary spending and retirement rapidly approaching, they are a group you want to connect with.

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Mobile Revolution and the Millennial Traveler

As hoteliers, you can no longer turn a blind eye to the mobile revolution. The time to adapt is now, and the millennial traveler will no longer be forgiving of Wi-Fi and mobile phone inadequacies.

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