Baby Boomers Embrace Mobile

As stated in our Mobile Revolution and the Millennial Traveler post, the largest number of hotel mobile site visitors are over 55. The Baby Boomers are quickly becoming consumers of mobile technology, and with their control of over 50% of discretionary spending and retirement rapidly approaching, they are a group you want to connect with.

Hotel Executive recently reported on three ways to reach the Baby Boomers, which can easily be integrated into your mobile efforts.

  1. Customize: Be aware of their buying trends by tracking previous purchases or requests and using that information to anticipate their needs. They are used to a more personalized service, so deliver on what they expect!
  2. Let them play with technology: Baby Boomers love to keep up with technological trends and look for ways to stay on the cutting edge. By offering a concierge app for them to utilize, not only will they recognize excellent customer service, you will also appeal to their ego.
  3. Keep them young: They tend to appreciate anything that will keep them younger for longer. Make it easy for them to schedule adventures, book time in the spa, or browse for the up-and-coming restaurant in your neighborhood (all things you can feature on ElevenOS-powered Internet login screens). By being a wealth of information for them to access, they are guaranteed to have a memorable experience that they are eager to share with their friends!

With a desire to stay “cool”, Baby Boomers are invested in keeping up with mobile technology. By enhancing the mobile experience before, during, and after their stay, you can make Baby Boomers’ lives easier while increasing your status. In the end, offering a top-notch mobile guest experience will make you a favorite across multiple generations.

How do you market to the Baby Boomer generation?