Tame Traveler Tantrums with Technology

With the rise of hospitality technology, comes the rise of guest technology demands. Mobile check-in, mobile room keys, and fast Wi-Fi are just the tip of the iceberg. Hospitality Technology reported the top IT-driven steps to meet the needs of travelers. Here’s what you need to know to satisfy your guests:

Prioritize Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is the top priority of both business and recreational travelers. Over 90% of guests wanted Wi-Fi in their rooms, not just common areas and 40% of business travelers wouldn’t stay in a hotel without it.

Protect networks: Frequently evaluate your network safety and conduct testing to ensure your guests are safe from hackers and rogue devices. By putting guests cybersecurity concerns at ease, your property will feel like a better choice overall.

Activate communication: Provide your staff with the tools needed to communicate seamlessly with each other in order to quickly and discretely attend to guest needs. Two-way radios and mobile computers are a great start to opening up staff communication.

Mobilize your workforce: With a mobile workforce management software, managers can better delegate time-sensitive tasks to their team. Once the issue is resolved the team member can mark the task as complete, making the entire process easier for everyone, including the guest.

Create the demand: When guests use mobile check-in, you have the opportunity to send them a welcome message or other notifications down the road. Using proximity marketing with guests on property allows you to secure guest loyalty, as well as push guests in the direction of on-site (potentially pay-for) amenities.

How are you using IT to improve guest satisfaction?