Mobile Revolution and the Millennial Traveler

As hoteliers, you can no longer turn a blind eye to the mobile revolution. The time to adapt is now, and the millennial traveler will no longer be forgiving of Wi-Fi and mobile phone inadequacies.

Three key trends have become apparent in regards to how travelers expect their mobile phones to be part of their adventures and hotel stays.

  1. All day, Everyday: There is a heavy expectation to be able to access any and all information necessary to their trip/stay at any time. A responsive design for your website is good - a dedicated and easy to navigate mobile design is better.
  2. Instant Gratification: Long gone are the days of collecting stories to bring home and share with friends as you flip through photo albums. Travelers want to tell their story in real-time through social media apps on their phones.
  3. Customization over Communication: For the next gen of travelers, customization and a la carte options will be the key to their pockets. Utilizing mobile and putting what they want in front of them before they ask for it will stimulate their desire to buy more!

With 62% of travelers preferring to purchase guest services through their mobile phone rather than face-to-face (Source: Hospitality Technology), it is vital to ensure that your guests have a point of contact with you through their phone!

While millennial travelers are the trendsetters when it comes to mobile first solutions, it should not be ignored that the largest number of visitors to hotel mobile sites are over 55 (according to Search Engine Watch). With the baby boomers now part of screen play, it is time to adopt new practices and offer more for guests through mobile devices.

Is mobile technology part of your guest’s experience?