Optimize & Monetize Your Guest Internet: PART III - Monetization

PART I of this series covered the top 4 guest Internet trends and in PART II we highlighted 3 ways to optimize your guest Internet. In this post, we’ll explore opportunities for monetizing guest Internet.

While many guests want some level of free Wi-Fi, an iPass study reports that 70% are still willing to pay for it. Our top 3 recommendations for guest network monetization are below:

  1. Offer tiered bandwidth plans to meet your guests diverse needs.
  2. Charge for conference Internet to deliver high-performance Internet to groups.
  3. Leverage the Wi-Fi touch point for better guest engagement.

Tiered bandwidth has been widely accepted in our industry for years; it puts guests in control of bandwidth consumption and what they are willing to pay for. Guests who just want to surf the web or check email will be fine with a lower bandwidth plan (less than 3 Mbps). Activities such as streaming media and video-conferencing, will require more bandwidth (6 Mbps and above), and many guests are willing to pay for it.

Managing and supporting conference Internet is a great way to get control over heavy bandwidth use among groups. By using a conference manager, you can ensure satisfying bandwidth for all, while recouping some of your internet costs. Giving conference attendees a great Internet experience is especially important when they may or may not be staying at your property.

Engaging guests through their Internet experience is key for indirect monetization. A branded login screen is a simple, but important, way to remind guests of your brand. Use the login screen to promote for-pay amenities at your property, like the spa or restaurant.

Stay tuned for our next post, PART IV of the Optimize & Monetize series. Check out our blog post on tiered bandwidth and press release about our conference manager for more information on how to monetize your guest Internet.

Do you charge for guest Internet? Why or why not?