11 Stats We Think You Should Know

In Smith Micro’s second Annual Hospitality Survey they site increased adoption and use of tablets while traveling. Below are the highlights from the survey:

  1. 67%of guests stay in hotels between 6 to 25 nights per year
  2. 64% primarily travel for leisure versus business
  3. 81% of travelers are interested in some form of mobile content
  4. 67% avoid in-room entertainment because they feel it’s too expensive
  5. 38% of guests use their own device for in-room entertainment
  6. 74% of guests say they would access hotel content on a mobile device
  7. 95% of guests bring mobile phones on an average trip
  8. 78% of guests bring laptops on an average trip
  9. 55% of guests bring tablets on an average trip
  10. 100% of guests travel with at least one mobile device
  11. Top services guests would take advantage of via mobile device:
  • Check-in and check-out, 84%
  • Special offers & discounts for local establishments, 76%
  • Guest service, 69%
  • Business services, 38%

The report shows clearly that more guests are using mobile devices than ever before. Have you optimized your hotel for mobile technology yet? Check out our post about the latest and most useful hotel technology: 3 Hotels Successfully Embracing Technology.