Optimize & Monetize Your Guest Internet: PART I - Top Tech Trends You Can’t Ignore

In order to make recommendations for optimizing and monetizing your guest network, we first must identify the top top tech trends that are affecting guest Internet:

  • Mobile & Multi Device Usage: guests are bringing more mobile devices to your hotel, and the trend shows no sign of slowing.
  • Bandwidth Consumption: rise of high-bandwidth activity (like streaming media and video-conferencing) is causing an exponential increase in bandwidth usage.
  • Network Costs: the infrastructure costs associated with building a strong, secure guest network are not minimal, especially with new technology always emerging.
  • Demand for Free Wi-Fi: most guests expect at least some level of WIFI included in their stay; however, many are also willing to pay for higher bandwidth if they need it.

At a high level, our recommendations are firstly to optimize existing hardware, software, and service costs to assure the best guest experience with what you already have. Then, use optimized networks to enhance the Internet experience for your guests. Investing in these areas early leads to easier to maintain infrastructure and supports future technology advancements.

Be sure to join us for HITEC TechTalks on Tuesday, June 24th @2pm in Booth #455. Eleven’s Chief Technology Officer, Dan Lulich, and VP of Marketing, Coleen Carey, will share more detailed insight on how you can take advantage of opportunities to optimize and monetize your guest network, with a special sneak peek at guest Internet usage trends!

What guest Internet usage trends would you most like to see?