How Your Property Can Benefit from “Gamification”

What Exactly is Gamification?

Gamification integrates game playing mechanics to traditionally non-game applications, rewarding users and enhancing guest engagement. Gamification isn’t necessarily new to hospitality (think loyalty programs), but we are seeing a resurgence with the rising popularity in other verticals, like healthcare, sustainability, and finance. This recent popularity has been energized by increased adoption of mobile devices, which make it simple for guests to engage with businesses from the palm of their hand.

How Can I Make Gamification Work for My Hotel?

Here are a few ways to make gamification work for you:

  • Be a Socialite: integrate social networks that make sense; for example, Starwood linked their rewards program with Foursquare for guests to earn points and win prizes.
  • Embrace Mobile: grab guests attention right when they access your mobile applications; ask them for feedback, ratings, and online reviews.
  • Incentivize Loyalty: win over guests by rewarding repeat stays and bookings and/or online reviews with added amenities, prizes, points, etc.

Why Should I Be Interested in Gamification?

A few reasons to get encourage guests to get gaming:

  1. Increases guest engagement nearly 30% (
  2. Improves social sharing by 22% (
  3. By 2014 more than 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one “gamified” application ( – don’t miss the bandwagon!

Adapted from this recent Tnooz article.

How will you engage your guests?