Business vs. Leisure Travelers

In a recent TrustYou study of 1.57 million travelers and reviews, they offer a comparison of business and leisure travelers. Some interesting statistics are below:

Business Travelers

  • 65% book direct vs using online travel agents (OTAs)
  • 57% use mobile for travel information
  • 77% consider reviews to be very to somewhat important
  • Only 40% rely on their company recommendations to select a hotel
  • 18-30 year olds are most likely to post a negative review
  • Average trips per year varies by age segment:
    • Ages 30 and under report traveling 4.7 times per year
    • 46-65 year olds travel 4.2 times per year
    • 30-45 year olds travel 3.6 times per year

Leisure Travelers

  • 87% use a computer (only 25% use a smartphone) to book accommodations
  • 38% use a mobile device for travel services
  • 82% consider reviews to be very to somewhat important
  • 73% consider relevant and varied activities beyond price
  • 63% use search engines as their go-to resource for travel information
  • 63% are price sensitive
  • 18-30 year olds take more leisure trips than 31-65 year olds

Read the report summary here (registration required).

How do you adjust your strategy to meet the needs of business versus leisure travelers?