6 Guest & Hotel Driven Trends

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Guests and hotels are driving some important hospitality technology trends for 2014. These 6 technology trends are propelling major advances in the hospitality industry, which we predict will continue to impact the market through 2014 and beyond.

Guest-Driven Technology Trends

  1. Demand for free and reliable Internet
    Countless articles over the last couple years repeat the #1 desired amenity as dependable Wi-Fi and report that hotels are not delivering. Surveys say good news is guests are will to pay for better bandwidth. To keep up with demand and recoup infrastructure costs we recommend distributing bandwidth with tiered bandwidth plans with same-day and in-session ability for guests to upgrade easily.

  1. Continuing rise of guest mobile use
    By early 2014 there will be more mobile devices on earth than people (supermonitoring.com). This mobile growth is revolutionizing the way guests connect with hotels before, during, and after their stays. Giving guests a seamless and consistent online experience across devices is key.

  1. BYOC (bring your own content)
    Similar to BYOD, the rise of BYOC means hotels must adapt technology available to guest rooms and public spaces. As lobbies become local living rooms, guest rooms are also transforming into personal entertainment rooms, where multi-purpose guest technology is key. Privacy and security are vital to making this scale and reliable and hotels are expected to comply.

Hotel-Driven Technology Trends

  1. An upsurge in cloud computing
    It’s scalable, affordable, and customizable unlike ever before. With this, the pressure to deliver high-end, unified, and dynamic guest experiences have become central to a brand’s perception. In response, hoteliers need open, adaptable infrastructure that extends multiple properties, technology providers, and online touchpoints.

  1. Conferences increasingly demand better technology
    Meetings have never been more lucrative or competitive with the online and technology portion more important than ever. Event planners have more tools at their fingertips and higher expectations and demand for technology. Ability to schedule conferences, create custom welcome screens, and designate bandwidth for groups and individuals is pivotal in gaining and keeping conference and meeting business.

  1. A shrinking global economy
    Major brands are investing in international standards because exponential economic growth is in developing markets. Major metropolitan areas and gateway cities are receiving more international guests than ever and the trend shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. An open global architecture including hotels with foreign language and currency exchange support, international payment gateways, and time zone flexibility can be indispensable factors in securing global business.

How are you meeting these technology trends?