What Millennials Want from Hotels

Millenials, also known as Gen Y, the group of 18 to 32 year olds now makes up over 30% of the U.S. workforce (USA Today). As the fastest growing segment of the workforce and business travelers, Millennials have been on the travel industry’s radar. They are also on track to be the largest consumer group in U.S history with an estimated population of about 70 million (USA Today).

This new generation of workers grew up immersed in technology—viewing smartphones as extensions of themselves. Carrying devices with them everywhere they go, they’ve forced businesses and culture to cater to this new behavior of constant email, text messages, and social media. Your business must adapt. And here’s what they want from hotels and hospitality:

  • An emotional component – Gen Y seek out personalized and unique travel experiences. Localize your guest experience and/or create something specific to your property.
  • Social service, service, service – Millennials are not shy about sharing thoughts, good or bad, across social networks; be watchful and responsive to your media conversations. An added amenity or freebie can go a long way to satisfy even the strangest request, like a picture of bacon on the bed.
  • Communal atmosphere – Lobbies and meeting spaces are now the spaces for collaboration, networking, and work away from the office. Prepare with appropriately located guest computers and outlets.
  • Work and play-friendly rooms –. Gen Y-er’s aren’t likely to call room service to get what they need. More likely they’ll rearrange furniture to get to outlets and make a space that works for them – be one step ahead with tech-friendly accessories and a more flexible room design.

Adapted from this eHotelier.com article.