The Perfect Bandwidth Storm II: Hospitality Technology is Moving to the Cloud

In The Perfect Bandwidth Storm I: Guests Expect More, we covered guest behavior changes that increase the need for more bandwidth. Now in Part II, we’ll dive into hospitality management-specific technology.

Experts claim it’s been a particularly slow technological transition for the hospitality industry, but with a push from advancements in guests’ devices, POS and PMS are gaining speed (Time for Technology 2012). Management software can now offer automated scheduling, overtime alerts, mobile-friendly applications, and many more integrations. Much of this new hospitality software is delivered as SAAS (Software as a Service), which requires more bandwidth.

In this HospitaltyNet article, Gregg Hopkins, an expert in hospitality management and technology, shares the top 3 reasons why the cloud is right for hospitality. Cloud computing is typically more cost-effective than enterprise and other software that require large up-front costs, more operational costs, etc. But it is important to note that cloud computing does increase your need for more bandwidth.

If you are considering updating your management systems, you need to investigate your current bandwidth situation and how it will be distributed. There are integrated systems for centrally managing your bandwidth and network, including ElevenOS.

In Part III of this series we will cover how technology has changed hospitality needs.

How much of your business is running via the cloud?

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