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How to Bolster Hotel Network Security Using Passpoint

As Wi-Fi technology evolves, unfortunately, so do hackers. Recently, the FBI issued a public service announcement about the security of hotel Wi-Fi networks. They warn Americans that “accessing sensitive information from hotel Wi-Fi poses an increased security risk over home Wi-Fi networks.” Read on to learn why we believe Passpoint is the future of access network security.

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How to Address MAC Randomization Today & The Future of Seamless Wi-Fi Access

In part one of this blog topic, How MAC Address Randomization Can Affect the Wi-Fi Experience, we discuss what MAC address randomization is and why it matters, especially now. Here in part two, we’ll dive into proposed solutions to solve challenges that are created by the looming proliferation of MAC address randomization. First, we'll share some of our latest research on Apple’s Private Address feature. 

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How MAC Address Randomization Can Affect the Wi-Fi Experience

Apple’s newest beta version of iOS 14 has a setting that will change the way people connect and stay connected to Wi-Fi networks. While other operating systems, including Android 10, already had this feature, it has much broader implications for Apple devices because the adoption rate of new iOS versions is so much higher than on Android. Also, Apple has gone a step further with iOS 14 and added automatic randomization of the MAC address every 24 hours, whereas on Android, it stays consistent for each network after joining. The way the industry has been trending, this really isn’t that surprising. 

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How to Get Better Wi-Fi at Home

As many of us find ourselves diving head first into working from home, a common issue is weak Wi-Fi. We wanted to do our part to help by tapping our in-house experts for how to better at-home connectivity. Here are 11 tips for getting more out of the Wi-Fi you have at home.

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How We're Responding to COVID-19

It hardly bears repeating that we are living in unprecedented times and the volatility of this pandemic makes it especially difficult to react to. As we focus on what we can control, our employees are all successfully working from home, we have stopped all business travel, and we are continuing to monitor the situation and are nimbly making changes as needed.

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