Hotel Guests Are Catalyzing Tech Changes

In a recent’s article, the author addresses several changes in the hospitality industry driven by today’s guests. Below we highlight the top four technology related changes:

  • Travelers have an average of 2 devices on them all the time
  • Technology is making communication easier and more accessible
  • Social media as a communication tool is here to stay
  • The personal cost of communication is steadily declining

The new generation of travelers is constantly connected and shifting to a culture of “being alone, together.” Guests prefer connecting (in-person and online) in lobbies and other public spaces – meaning, accessible plugins and Wi-Fi is essential in hotel lobbies and restaurants. This communal tendency has also led to shifts in overall hotel layouts, from excluding in-room desks and replacing them with a comfortable couch to open meeting spaces in nooks and previously under-utilized spaces.

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Lobby examples above: Hotel Zetta, citizen M, and Hyatt Union Square New York.