Guest Engagement Technology is on the Rise

“Guest devices are re-architecting the hotel experience.”
– Hospitality Technology | Customer Engagement Technology Study 2013

As we become progressively more dependent on our mobile devices (namely our smartphones), hoteliers have been challenged to respond through customer engagement technologies (CETs). Hospitality Technology’s second annual Customer Engagement Technology Study highlights 4 major trends that are fueling the growth of guest engagement through CETs:

  1. Consumerization of Technology
  2. Social Media Proliferation
  3. Mobile Technologies & Constant Connection
  4. Convergence (the combination of the above trends)

With all of these trends come new expectations and opportunities to enhance the guest experience. Key findings from the study reveal:

  • An estimated 90% of hotels will have mobile websites by 2015
  • Over 70% of hotels offer mobile apps with reservation capabilities
  • Approximately 96% of restaurants will display menus on mobile apps
  • Nearly 40% of hotels will offer mobile payment options by 2015
  • Social media is the most used interactive tool by hotels at 91%

While the findings indicate countless opportunities for guest engagement and new revenue streams, these tools will undoubtedly weigh heavily on hotel networks – be sure you are prepared and read our post, 11 Tips to Maximize Your Bandwidth.

Find the link to download the full report here.