An Internet Security Stat That Made Our Jaws Drop

Worldwide, approximately 89% of Wi-Fi hotspots are unsecure.

For an amenity that has been repeatedly rated as #1, it’s surprising that hotels, and other visitor-based business with networks, are not taking Internet security more seriously. Over half of travelers avoid sharing personal information over public networks and 22% of travelers avoid public Wi-Fi altogether.

These stats show us that guests are scared of connecting, even though it’s one of their biggest demands. Smart hoteliers will look to alleviate guest apprehension towards public networks by choosing trusted network service providers – they’ll undoubtedly gain loyalty in the process. Browse Eleven’s best-in-class NSP channel partners here.

According to Cornell Hotel Network study, hotels are accountable, and often even liable, for the security of the computers and network they make available to guests. “Given that the technology exists to increase a hotel network’s security, a hotel could potentially be considered at fault for not taking the necessary precautions to protect their guests from hackers.” Neglecting to recognize the importance of online security could have a real impact on guest satisfaction, hotel reputation, and ultimately – your bottom line.

As your hotel’s technology evolves, always remember the importance of protecting your guests and their private information. Eleven, along with a remarkable partner network, ensure the highest levels of online security – be sure you (and your guests) are protected.

What do you do in your hotel to ensure your guests’ private information is secure?