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3 Hotels Successfully Embracing Technology

Hotels are delivering more amenities than ever before—Tempur-Pedic beds, wellness programs, and custom toiletries are just a few. But with the myriad technology-based amenities that are available now, there are a select few that provide services that actually enhance the guests’ experience. Eleven commends these 3 hotel clients that have made sensible and basic technology enhancements that we believe are setting a precedent for tech-based amenities.

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Holiday Inn Express is Using Tech to Recreate Their Brand

Known as a reliable and consistent major hotel brand Holiday Inn Express® by 40-somethings to Baby Boomers, the Holiday Inn brand is adding features and amenities to attract the next generation of travelers—Millennials.

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Technology Drives Design Innovations for Hilton

Coming out of the most recent recession, hoteliers have been brainstorming ways to differentiate themselves and generate more revenue. Many hotels have turned to technology to accomplish this goal. Hilton Worldwide is a perfect example of this growing trend. Hilton Hotels & Resorts, the flagship brand of Hilton Worldwide, recently launched the Hilton Design Studio (HDS), a new online tool that transforms the way in which owners, developers, and design firms implement the brand’s forward-thinking strategy. Hilton innovated even further with the recently unveiled Hilton Connectivity Station, a new solution for owners of properties with smaller lobby space that brings the traditional business center away from the back of the hotel and into the lobby. This solution offers both business and leisure guests the ability to access the Internet in a variety of different ways to check email, surf the web, or simply print their boarding pass. According to Hospitality Technology “The Hilton Connectivity Station features a user friendly and inviting station within the lobby environment that is complete with furniture in four and six-seat configurations and computer hardware.” This ready to use owner solution gives the hotelier the opportunity to enhance the guest experience and increase revenue all at the same time. For more on Hilton’s innovative new concepts, read the full article here.

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