Top 3 Tech Challenges, According to Execs

In HSMAI’s recent roundtable discussion they uncover the technology issues holding back the hospitality industry. We’ve distilled the conversation into 3 main challenges:

  1. Going from archaic systems to state-of-the-art technology. Full integration needs to happen from systems that were built to work independent of one and other. It is an enormous task of several small steps along the way.
  2. Moving to the cloud (and understanding what it means). The need to manage data and servers onsite is gone; however, hotels must invest in better infrastructure to support faster bandwidth and more digital storage.
  3. Giving guests a consistent experience across brands. The major brands know technology updates are necessary, but most hotels are franchised and the investment in technology falls to the property level—an ownership capital issue.

We recommend generating incremental revenue with your guest Internet to help offset technology investments – check out our Generating Revenue from Wi-Fi posts here.

How will you meet these challenges?