Our 2013 Prediction Cliff’s Notes

Remember those Cliff’s Notes that saved you more than once in school? Well, in the last few blog posts, we discussed the industry predictions for the New Year. Here are the highlights to help you catch up:

  • All guests are using technology. There no longer exists a distinction between “guests” and “tech-savvy guests.”
  • Your guests are online. Purchases online reached an all-time record of 85%, including approximately 28% mobile bookings.
  • Mobile is bigger than ever. Be sure your website is mobile-ready and contains interactive features as handheld device-use continues growth.
  • Security will remain a hot topic as cloud computing becomes the norm. Adopting Internet management software that encrypts and secures your network is crucial.
  • Reinvent your guest engagement using technology effectively and efficiently across all levels:
    • Custom-catering room services and products to optimize revenue
    • Preparing as the industry moves away from OTA-model distribution
    • Using social networking to virtually connect with guests
    • Increasing online brand presence and relevance

If you’ve successfully covered all of these topics, give yourself a big pat on the back, but be prepared for much more in the way of change as technology develops. Next week we’ll cover the basics of big data, cloud computing, and mobile. Everything you need to know to understand expectations with technology for 2013. Following that, we’ll talk to our company executives, experts in their fields, and bring you our perspective and final predictions and the must-haves for 2013 hospitality technology. Stay tuned…

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