Optimize & Monetize Guest Internet: PART II - Optimization

In PART I of this series, we explored the top tech trends that are affecting guest Internet.

There’s no question that the guest Internet experience is affecting your property’s online ratings and reviews, and guests are becoming increasingly more reliant on those same reviews to help them decide where to book. During HITEC we've presented how hoteliers can improve guests’ online experience without sacrificing their budgets. Our first recommendation is to address the biggest challenge—meeting your guests ever-increasing bandwidth needs.

Below are our top 3 tips for bandwidth optimization:

      1. Get as much bandwidth as you can afford to increase guest satisfaction:
        • Under-promise and over-deliver
        • Use load balancers
        • Shop bandwidth every year
      2. Focus your infrastructure on reliability and consistency:
        • Provide more power and access points
        • Install intelligent antennas/radios
        • Keep your Internet prices fair
      3. Leverage the latest technology to preserve your bandwidth:
        • Use a guest Internet management platform
        • Plug into current PMS and other third party systems
        • Measure and monitor performance

Investing in bandwidth and the ability to manage it creates a reliable and consistent experience for your guests. Doing it now also enables you to keep up with technology as it advances and never getting so far behind that your investment and goals become unattainable.

Stay tuned for our next post PART III | Monetization. And if you’re at HITEC be sure to catch our TechTalk, Tuesday, June 24th at 2pm in Booth #455 where we’ll share more detailed insights with a special sneak peek at guest Internet usage trends.

How have you optimized your guest Internet?