Generating Revenue with Free Wi-Fi | Part V: Multiple Devices

By Andrew Yorra, VP of Business Development, Eleven Wireless |

Guests are increasingly traveling with their laptop, smart phone and/or tablet and want to connect to Wi-Fi on all their devices. Hotels need to respond to this in two key ways. First, they need to make sure their physical network can handle the rapid increase of devices connecting to their Wi-Fi access points. Second, the software platform that manages the guest Internet service needs to support multiple device options. When combined with tiered bandwidth, it is important to consider aggregating bandwidth among the devices within a single guest room. So, rather than a premium user having to pay for each device but getting their full premium bandwidth on each device, consider offering a premium plan that allows 3 or 4 devices, but those devices share the premium bandwidth amongst themselves. The demand for multiple device access is growing quickly, and any Wi-Fi strategy should include multi-device access.