Don’t Let Poor Internet Ruin Your Online Reviews

The article name says it all: Traveler’s Will Smile about Service, but are Irate over Internet. Upon reading the complete report from which the article was based, we found some interesting data that supports that guest networks are in fact improving (at least in the US), even if the change is slow.

“In 2013, hotel Internet was a sore spot for travelers, with the lowest overall scores and year-over-year declines in Mexico (-6.8%), Canada (-4.7%) and the US (-2.8%).In the US, hotels in major markets seem to have been somewhat better in handling this growing need, with 11 of 25 major US markets seeing an improvement in scores. Some global hotel brands (Fairmont, Starwood, among others) have begun to address the inclusion of free Internet service into their rewards programs for their most loyal guests.” - TrustYou’s Annual Report: Destination North America

Despite recent improvements, poor Internet service remains the top complaint from guests. Hotels have been slow to adopt better technology and infrastructure despite countless reports that guests demand it more than any other service. Cost is the number one obstacle hoteliers face in improving their guest networks. Nonetheless, the opportunity cost of failing to deliver on this high-demand amenity will prove to be far higher.

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