9 Ways to Attract Millennials

Earlier this week, we highlighted how Millennials are important to your business. In this article we’ve sifted through several articles to bring you the most relevant tips to appeal to this digitally enhanced and influential group.

  1. Wi-Fi: Clumsy passwords and permissions are passé. Make online access as simple as possible without compromising security. Most of us have agreed to Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s terms with just a click.
  2. Bandwidth: Millennials stream content more than other generations. Tiered bandwidth plans allow you to offer these data-hogs the option to upgrade their connection plan without sacrificing the experience of other guests.
  3. Minimal Amenities: Gen Y-ers often adopt the moniker, “less is more”. Make amenities customizable, ideally either online or with a mobile app. Check out this USA Today article for more ideas.
  4. Games: You’ve probably heard of “gamification” – it refers to anything that improves user engagement with some type of reward in a game-like activity. These can be literal games, customized apps or social media contests.
  5. Culture: Add some culture to your hotel with pieces from a local artist, showcase local attractions, tell them the best places to shop and eat nearby – show Millennials why your hotel is unique, just like the city you’re in.
  6. Luxury: This group tends to find value in small luxuries; they don’t skimp on approachable and affordable services like individually customized and personalized services, as mentioned in this HotelNewsNow.com article.
  7. Dining: Keep quality food in-house. Millennials will likely still venture out for evening dinner or drinks, but the convenience of good, fresh food in your hotel is not lost on them.
  8. Sustainability. Recycling, composting, reusing linens and towels, and even soap recycling, can really improve the perception of your brand and leave your guests feeling better about their stay.
  9. A different kind of social responsibility. Gen Y-ers are always connected; they go online for recommendations and to report experiences. Be sure to respond promptly to their social needs both online and off.

What are you doing in response to your future guests?