9 Hot Hotel Trends to Watch

  1. BYOD: Stands for “Bring Your Own Device” – the number of that travel with their own smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. – continues to rise.
  2. Service Automation: More guests are opting to interact with hotel staff through technology, using mobile apps and tablets for check-ins and more.
  3. Digital Signage: Live, interactive displays are starting to replace traditional, printed signage and informational packets.
  4. Connected Meeting Spaces: Meeting planners can communicate electronically in real-time facilitating faster and more efficient service.
  5. Free Wi-Fi: Offering Wi-Fi in lobbies, restaurants, and other public areas can increase guest spending up to 25% to 40%. (HotelNewsNow.com July 2013)
  6. Tech Hub Lobbies: Flight information, local restaurants and events, and interactive mobile apps have reinvented lobbies as information epicenters.
  7. Social Media: More hotels are using online communities to help build stronger relationships with guests and make business decisions with surveys and contests.
  8. Luxury Technology: A new variety of technology is showing up in high-end hotels, like interactive televisions, and tablets loaded with magazines and games.
  9. Extended Office Space: More hotels are making non-guest revenue from their meeting spaces to lend to businesses for out-of-the-office meetings.

An adaptation of a HotelNewsNow.com article, you can read more here.