6 Ways Poor Wi-Fi Affects Revenue

According to recent surveys by Forrester and Hotels.com, hotel guests demand wireless access above any other service, including complimentary breakfast and free parking.

In the Forrester Report, 94% of respondents cited lack of decent Wi-Fi as a deal breaker when booking. Internet connections can cost properties in more ways too. Here are 6 ways poor Wi-Fi could be losing you revenue:

  1. Lost Bookings – online reviews that show complaints about your Internet service will drive potential guests to another property.
  2. Decline in Conference Business – corporate events look elsewhere if they find your Internet connection doesn’t meet their needs.
  3. Refunds – guests complain and demand refunds when Internet fees and upgrades don’t deliver.
  4. Decreased Loyalty – even guests that don’t complain likely won’t return because Wi-Fi certainly weighs heavily on guests’ overall experience.
  5. Misplaced Manpower – Internet issues cost staff excess effort and time, when they could (and should) be focusing on your guests.
  6. Missed Additional Revenue – the ability to keep guests on property with Wi-Fi can bring in added revenue through your restaurant, spa, etc.

Fortunately, there is some good news! Benefits of good Wi-Fi can have a seriously positive (and measurable) impact on your business. According to this article, services such as tiered bandwidth that include upgrades for streaming have created up to

$1 million per year in additional revenues.

Check out this awesome infographic for a colorful insight into the staggering statistics of hotel Wi-Fi.

Have you optimized guest Wi-Fi on your property?