5 New Digital Demands You Should Know

The availability of digital devices and applications has more than doubled in recent years. We are more connected than ever with greater demand for richer, more personalized experiences and faster access to information.

Recent Nielsen report findings bring to light several new insights about US consumers’ online behavior. Here are the highlights you simply must know:

  1. The average US consumer owns 4 digital devices.

  2. The average American spends 60 hours per week consuming data online.

  3. Consumers like having options for accessing online content.

  4. Smartphones and tablets now act as accessories to TV programs.

  5. 47% of smartphones visit social networks daily.

It’s never been more important to understand how guests interact with the digital environment to help you meet their growing needs for higher bandwidth and greater reliability and security. These trends signal the critical urgency to stay on top of the latest technology strategies for your network. Be sure you can manage and monitor your bandwidth with services like ElevenOS, Conference Services Management, and more from Eleven.

How are you adapting your technology for the modern guest?