5 Mobile Trends to Watch

“In 2012 over 53% of travel inspiration began on a mobile platform.” - Graham Dungey, SVP eCommerce, Revenue & Business Development, Concorde Hotels & Resorts

The rising popularity of mobile can (and will) have a direct impact on your business. Hotels that start investing in mobile now will surely have a leg up on the competition.

“What’s really changed now is this immediacy that’s called upon by everybody,” says Aly El-Bassuni, VP of Operations for Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham. “We have a sense of urgency to respond faster and more efficiently than we ever have before.”

Here’s a summary of what Eye for Travel recommends for mobile:

  1. Give guests a choice: allow guests to choose their content, as well as how and when they want it delivered – stick to it and you’ll build trust and loyalty.
  2. Take a page from the airlines’ book: use the airlines’ success with mobile check-ins as a guide to how to best implement the same for your hotel.
  3. Build trust with security: help guests become more confident in using mobile for transactions by delivering a simple and secure mobile check out.
  4. Marry technology and marketing: get creative with how you can use mobile technology (GPS, NFC, etc.) to bolster your marketing strategy.
  5. Don’t over-do it: technology should improve efficiency and/or experience, i.e. reserve virtual concierge for room service orders, spa reservations, etc.

Stay tuned next week as we cover tablets.