The New Multiscreen Environment

Two recent articles grabbed our attention this week:

In Vizergy’s Digital Marketing for Hotels and Resorts in a Multiscreen World (available through sign up). The white paper talks about 4 screens, including:

1) Television

2) PC (desktop or laptop)

3) Mobile phone

4) Tablet

The Truth is in the Numbers: 2013 is Undoubtedly the Year of the Three Screens in Hospitality by Hotel Technology Resource, who mention only 3:

1) The desktop

2) Mobile

3) Tablet

What does this Mean for Hotels?

These articles tell us there are more screens but more personal devices, too. This equals scalability in physical assets hotels offer on premise. We’ve already begun to see smaller, more integrated business centers and lobby computers amongst high business traffic properties and we only expect this trend to continue as more of us bring our own devices.

Future for Two?

Also on the horizon, televisions and desktops are becoming one in the same. These and personal computing categories will eventually converge. With products like Google Glass causing quite a stir, this could be right around the corner.

What’s Significant Now

Both articles note television and desktops are still ruling our time. However, while we watch television or use our computers (desktop or laptop), 77% of us are also using another mobile device at the same time. So don’t count mobile out when you can double your impact.

What do you think will come first? A convergence of desktops and televisions or better mobile devices that will allow us to be mobile connected while we do absolutely everything?