Big Data | Part II: 5 Steps to Success

In Part II, we examine recommendations from the big data study by Amadeus, which we covered in our last post.

The report’s findings outline rich opportunities for hoteliers who take action with the 5 steps below.

  1. Understand the big data environment. Are your competitors and customers using it? Is adoption increasing in your category? Can you afford to be a leader in big data rather than a follower?
  2. Create a strategy around your data. Do you have a need for analytics to make better decisions? Where do you have data that could be useful internally or externally?
  3. Define any operational changes you will need to make. After answering the questions above, map out what you will need to change or implement to build continuous data flow that will benefit your business most.
  4. Begin collecting the data skills you need. Build a framework for your big data team using internal and external resources. Design a team that is skilled in data management, analytics, communication, and problem solving.
  5. Utilize partnerships to improve guest experience. Consider partnering with third-party systems to mine data. From POS systems to social media, you can use data to enhance the guest experience at your hotel.

Read the full study and its’ findings here.

How do you use your data?