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7 Tips & Trends for Better Business Intelligence

Dec 5, 2013 10:56:10 PM

In a recent Hospitality Trends article they share top data analytics trends, challenges, and opportunities in the travel industry. We’ve summarized how you can amplify your business with analytics below.

    1. Metasearch: Understanding how guests comparison shop and find you online can greatly enhance your brand presence and guests’ experience with your site.
    2. In-House Technology: Get the most value out of Google and pay-per-click spending by hiring individuals and teams who can evaluate backend analytics.
    3. Invest in People: If you can’t afford the skillset you need, consider outsourcing and be sure to consider the support staff you will need to accomplish your goals.
    4. Access is Dire: Access to data in a timely manner can make or break the ability to use it while it’s relevant.
    5. Standardization of Data: Common standardizations help you effectively measure performance, create benchmarks, and better market and promote your business.
    6. Understanding the Multichannel World: New monitoring applications for cross-device activity help brands measure conversion rates better than ever before.
    7. Mobile Disruption: Soon the majority of traffic will come from mobile devices; there is a huge opportunity here to understand travelers’ use of mobile better.

Qualitative studies should precede everything,” says Bill Beckler, former head of innovation at Travelocity and, and now founder of new website

How are you using your data to better your business?