5.5 Ways to Battle Hotel Challenges

We recently read 5 Key Challenges Facing Hoteliers and wanted to suggest some remedies to help you succeed.

Dining 1. Local and sustainable food is good for business. Instead of looking for the most inexpensive options, we recommend offering locally sourced, fresh foods both for rooms and meeting spaces. Sustainable and healthy dining can be a way to attract more guests. 
Internet 2. Internet is becoming a commodity; treat it like one. Just like we don’t look at hot water and door locks as optional, neither should we question the need for guest Internet anymore. Instead, figure out ways to offset your costs with things like tiered bandwidth, charging for group use, etc. 
Crown 3. Differentiate your property. Brand loyalty is not what it used to be, especially among Millennials; however, as this USA Today article and HotelNewsNow.com article explain travelers still appreciate personalized, customized, and reliable service. 
Globe 4. Localize and win. Understanding local culture can certainly be a challenge when growing into new markets, but adopting the local art, food, and customs create experiences guests won’t forget and even locals will appreciate. Check out our post on local amenities that shine. 
Competition copy 5. Let competition fuel you. Fierce competition is usually a sign of a successful industry; learn from competitors and do better. Unique amenities, great staff, stellar customer service, fair prices – these are just a few ways to set yourself apart. 
Connect The 5.5 – No matter what strategies you are using, you can enhance your impact by connecting via social media and reviews. Respond quickly to comments and make it easy for your guest to spread the word.


We would love to address more, what challenges have you experienced?

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