Top 11 Digital Recommendations for Your Business

Published by earlier this year was a great article that made recommendations for 10 digital marketing resolutions that you should make this year as a hotelier. The downside is that it’s quite lengthy. To save you time, we’ve distilled the list down to the highlights:

  1. Make your website desktop, tablet, and mobile compatible. Consumers are using all three and we will continue to see this trend for at least next two years.
  2. Balance your distribution channels, relying less on OTAs and building on your direct channel efforts. You can gain more online revenue by taking advantage of government incentives, you may otherwise miss out on.
  3. Implement a complete three-silo digital marketing strategy.
    • Proven ROI-driving campaigns, like paid search marketing on TripAdvisor and Google Hotel Finder.
    • Need-driven campaigns, which include planning for seasonality and other occupancy issues.
    • Indirect revenue drivers, such as website enhancement and technology upgrades.
  4. Adopt content management system (CMS) technology. It allows you to better manage all of your marketing channels.
  5. Assume responsive design on server side (RESS)-enabled CMS, which enables you to optimize your site for multiple devices.
  6. Embrace the tablet channel as a growing category of travelers. Create tablet-specific content, including customized advertising campaigns.
  7. Use cost effective, newly available marketing initiatives. There are several cost per click programs available by Google Hotel Finder, TripAdvisor, and Kayak.
  8. Add relevant and unique content personalization to your website based on users’ location, demographics, behavior, and travel intentions.
  9. Don’t forget to include search engine marketing (SEM) as part of your budget and overall strategy.
  10. Partner with experienced digital marketers that will help you reach the above objectives. The right marketers will help you obtain record revenue with cost-efficient strategies and channels.

We end with an 11th recommendation to update your online guest engagement strategy. HSIA management tools, like ElevenOS, allow you to create branded portals to keep guests connected to your hotel throughout their stay.

What’s first on your digital marketing list?

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