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Welcome to the New Norms

According to an article in this week, the CEOs of InterContinental Hotels Group and Starwood International Hotels point to two imperatives the industry needs to consider:

  1. Hotel guests are constantly changing and challenging past norms
  2. Hotels need to look beyond traditional segmentation variables, like age or price point, to truly understand their customers and offer services that meet their needs and wants

They cited the luxury hotel segment, where the traditional demographic tended to be older and more affluent. Today, more and more younger people are able to afford staying in luxury hotels which creates interesting new challenges when designing service offerings, amenities and experiences.

Technology and social media accelerates storytelling and information sharing by this younger demographic, which all of hospitality can take advantage of. Online reviews, social media (hello Pinterest), and even some properties’ own innovative mobile apps help guests create lasting experiences.

To best serve a broad range of guests, get to know them, their wants/needs, preferences and create guest experiences that inspire stories worth sharing. You cannot rely on old assumptions help you understand how to serve your target audience.

How does your property create an experience worth sharing?