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Making A Guest-Facing Mobile Strategy in 9 Steps

Whether you are using a mobile app or mobile website, we found a few articles to help you maximize your guests’ mobile experience.

From this article we summarize the 6 steps they outline to define a mobile strategy:

  1. Define your audience. Using classic marketing techniques, like this one from HubSpot, defining a target market and building personas helps guide your decisions.
  2. Do your research. Look to existing customer habits to learn how you can better meet their mobile needs and expectations.
  3. Develop your solution. Using the audience information you’ve gathered, create a strategy that will satisfy your guests.
  4. Keep it simple Your booking process, transaction, etc. should be easy and clear; limit the amount of clicks it takes!
  5. Build your support system. Continue to develop the guest experience with post-purchase information and prompts (FAQs, social connect buttons, etc.)
  6. Reward your loyalists. Encourage guests to stay connected and with friends and family using loyalty points and other special offers.

Here are 3 more steps we certainly agree with from another helpful article.

  1. Make it free. Incur the cost across other added services, like room upgrades, room service, resort fees, booking spa appointments, etc.
  2. Keep content fresh. Adopt a CMS to avoid stagnant and outdated online information; dynamic content is what the web is all about!
  3. Take advantage of mobile.Think GPS, cameras, QR & AR code readers; create memorable and fun experiences adapted to guests on the go.

How does your mobile strategy better your guests’ experience?

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