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Consumer-Driven Hotel Design

Dec 10, 2013 11:19:34 PM

Many of the major brands, including Marriott, Starwood, Hyatt, and IHG, are all turning to guests to shape the future of hotel design. In an era of consumer-driven products, hotels are viewing guests as valuable information centers.

Marriott International headquarters now houses a 10,000 square foot “Innovation Lab” where employees and hotel owners design and refine ideas for their hotels. Marriott executives admit this is a complete 360 from the way hotels and rooms were built in the past. With the emergence of a younger and more sophisticated generation, force-feeding amenities to guests is no longer a model that works, says Cornell University associate professor Chekitan Dev.

Other hotel brands that have stepped up as well include Starwood Hotels who recently unveiled their own design lab last year, IHG’s Holiday Inn with various individual pop-up testing concepts, and Hyatt Hotels who partnered with a design firm to get ideas from travelers on re-imagining the hotel experience.

These research programs have led to simple amenities like providing forgotten items like deodorant and curling irons, and are heavily attributed to the wave of wellness amenities like healthier menu options and in-room work out services. Guest technology is also evolving with the help of consumer feedback including more outlets near the bed for charging mobile devices.

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