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5 Building Blocks for a Mobile Strategy

In two recent white papers, one by Mutual Mobile and the other by Oracle, they recommend just 5-6 steps for building your mobile strategy infrastructure.

Both introductions explain the most important detail to implementing a successful mobile strategy is to incorporate mobile use into your overall business strategy, rather than treat it as a separate silo.

There is a lot of overlap in the recommended steps, so we’ve whittled them to 5:

1. Assess your mobile environment using these four areas: business transformation, digital experience, technology, and governance practices.

2. Gather your knowledge assets to help you define mobile’s purpose and design a strategy that will consider the mobile landscape, competitors, market trends, and user research.

3. Evaluate and prioritize devices and resources that will give you the most bang for your buck.

4. Integrate and leverage your mobile objectives with your existing business strategy and goals.

5. Continue to fine-tune your strategy as you evaluate and review the roadmap you’ve built; the mobile trend is dynamic and your strategy should be too.

Stay tuned as we explore the details of mobile strategy to enhance your guests’ experience Friday of this week.

How are you using mobile in your hotel right now?

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