The New Way to Travel

From the guest point of view, the rapidly changing face of travel can be hard to keep up with. Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, RelayRides, Hotel Tonight, and the growing number of OTAs all add to the new way to travel. Here are the other trends popping up according to the Huffington Post:

  • New Hotel Tech: Blazing fast Wi-Fi, in-room iPads, keyless room entry, and mobile check in and check out are sure to reduce guest hassles!
  • Poshtels: The child of a hotel and hostel, poshtels do the impossible with more reasonable prices and better accommodations. Right now these are booming across Europe. It can’t be long until the U.S. sees this become a reality!
  • Wellness Travel: As more people start to look after their health, wellness trips becomes more popular. Yoga retreats and weight loss resorts are leaving guests refreshed and rejuvenated after a stay.
  • Living Like a Local: Immersion seems to be the goal when going to a foreign place. Travelers want to go off the beaten path and really dig into local life for that unique and educating experience.
  • Loosened TSA Screening Restrictions: While this is still a pipe-dream for those occasional fliers, TSA has started to loosen some of the liquid restrictions on trusted fliers who have gone through the PreCheck membership process.
  • Innovative Reclining Solutions: Airlines are starting to feel the pressure to back off on fees and start creating a more comfortable flying experience. Once one airline releases more passenger-friendly planes (for instance, reclining seats that don’t put a stranger in your lap), the rest will have no choice but to follow suit.

How do you see travel changing?