The Evolving Hotel Standard

In an industry so focused on service, it is crucial to take a step back every once in a while to evaluate what services are actually wanted, needed, and demanded. Recently, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (with the help of STR) conducted a survey of 9600 properties. We’ve rounded up the top findings to define this year’s service standard:

Connecting the Guest:

  • 33% of hotels have a mobile app
  • 86% provide complimentary computers in the lobby
  • 11% charge for Internet (down from 23% in 2012)

Updating the Expected:

  • 96% say they stock flat screen TVs
  • 84% provide high-def TVs

Going Green:

  • 93% have a linen/towel reuse program
  • Electric car charging stations went from 5 to 11% in 2 years
  • 64% have recycling programs

Fueling for Life:

  • 82% offer complimentary breakfast
  • 74% offer healthy menu choices

Trimming the Fat:

  • Fewer properties offer newspaper delivery, in-room DVD players, and minibars
  • Instead, turning towards tech advancements in the room and lobby

As Katherine Lugar (president and CEO of American Hotel & Lodging Association) stated, “Providing the highest level of quality service is paramount in our business and keeping ahead of guests’ needs is a critical component.” The ability to be able to adapt to always-evolving preferences is vital to their success. This is increasingly important for the upcoming years when mobile check-in, free basic wi-fi, and technological advancements in the room and lobby will create an even greater divide between the leaders from the laggers. Wondering what direction the guest experience is going? Check out our post on The Future of Hotel Technology to see where the hotel experience is going.

What are you doing to accommodate evolving guest needs?