The Art of Planning for Innovation

“It seems we no longer track industry changes by looking at the calendar, but instead by looking at our watches” - The Rapid Pace of Innovation in Travel

Skift recently reported on The Rapid Pace of Innovation in Travel. We are faced with the opportunity (and nuisance) of new technology consistently coming out that will “enhance the guest experience”. As exciting as new technology can be, it is important that it creates the kind of experience your guest actually wants. Here are some key points that stuck with us from the report:

  • Customer First: The whole point of innovation is to add value for customers. Start with understanding the guest, then work to deliver something to meet or exceed their expectations.
  • Embrace the New: Allow new technology to define and differentiate the value that you deliver to your customers. “Innovative technology will be about enabling a true travel experience.”
  • Balance the Needs: Make sure that while you plan for what is needed tomorrow, you also put aside time to ensure stable operations for today. Balancing the two is the key to survival, the failure to do so would be fatal.

Check out the full Rapid Pace of Innovation in Travel article to learn more.

How do you keep up with innovation?