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Myth-busters: Hotel Wi-Fi Edition Part II

In Part I of our Myth-busters Blog Series, we debunked the myth that Wi-Fi is all about bandwidth and speed. In Part II we’ll cover 2 more hotel Wi-Fi myths.


A consistent and reliable brand experience is an extremely valuable business asset. By managing Wi-Fi on-property, you leave your guest experience up to chance. One bad Wi-Fi experience can send what could have been a lifelong loyalty member packing for good. It’s important that your guests can rely on your brand to deliver the same seamless Wi-Fi experience every time, everywhere.

Between disparate network service providers and infrastructure setups, it can be next to impossible to manage all the moving parts that keep your guests connected. By centrally managing this function at the brand level, the experience becomes easier to control and more consistent. In turn, you build trust with your guests and they can walk away happy and ready to book with you again.


If the only person concerned about your Wi-Fi is in IT, you’re missing the big picture. Wi-Fi is not just an IT function anymore. It has become the cornerstone of your relationship with every guest. Not being able to securely and quickly connect their phones could mean that your guest missed skyping with their kids before bed, couldn’t buy tickets to a show they’ve been dying to see, or can’t access their calendar to remember if that meeting was at 1 or 2. When guests cannot complete these simple tasks, their day turns sour. Who will they blame? I’ll give you one guess.

We’re in a new age of travel that has given way to the Silent Traveler. This unique guest prefers to book rooms online, would rather have mobile check-in and keys, and has plenty of cash to spend. They rely on technology for most of their daily functions and can be won over by unexpected personal touches. Once a guest connects to the network, you can use any information you might have from your PMS or loyalty systems to give them personalized offers. These personalized interactions can be the extra step that “wows” your guest, increases their brand loyalty, and keeps them coming back!

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