Internet & Power: Are You Meeting Basic Guest Needs?

Before you move forward with a lobby redesign or that landscaping project, make sure that your guests' most basic needs are being met. Frequent Business Traveler recently conducted the 2015 Hotel Pet Peeves Survey. Talking to nearly 2000 travelers around the world, expensive or slow Internet and lack of accessible electrical outlets were among their top pet peeves.

Ensure you are meeting basic connectivity needs with reliable guest Internet access throughout your hotel - from guest rooms and lobbies to business centers and conference areas. As a rule of thumb, wherever there's Wi-Fi, there should be power outlets too - guests will appreciate the convenience of plugging in their devices from anywhere.

Looking at the complete list of pet peeves, you notice nothing groundbreaking about the type of environment guest's expect. Frequent Business Traveler's editorial director put it simply:

"Our readers aren't asking for gold-plated faucets and butler service. They only want a quiet, clean room in which they can work and sleep."

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