Futuristic Amenities Seek to Connect Guests

Interactive walls, a digital floor display, adjustable bathroom privacy – all futuristic amenities, that designers say aren’t far from reality for hotel rooms in this CNN travel article. The common theme we see throughout these and other predictions is interactivity – amenities that allow guests to interact directly with their surroundings. This trend speaks to the growing desire for people to be connected 24/7.

Many of the technologies, gadgets, software, and furniture shown in the article are already on the market today. While some extremes remain impractical, others are expected to be a realistic option for hoteliers that want to revolutionize their guest experience. No surprise there; in a post from January, we summarized 2013’s biggest challenges as predicted by top hotel execs and number one was using technology to enhance the guest experience.

What type of interactive technology would you like to in the hospitality industry?

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