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11 Ways to Boost Conference Business

As a follow up to our Conference Internet series, we wanted to compile a list of ways to attract more conferences and better utilize meeting space.

1. Determine the ideal conference size for your space. Who are your ideal conference clients? Have you thought about sequential and same-day conferences (like fitness or juvenile themes)?

2. Invest in small spaces. Do you have additional space for exhibitions and smaller meetings, including audio-visual equipment? Can you offer/upsell extra spaces for breakout rooms, catered meals, and more?

3. Create dining appeal. Does your restaurant or catering service offer variety including healthy options? Can you increase quality and variations?

4. Provide storage and shipping/receiving services. Do you have adequate space and manpower for receiving and storing exhibition equipment?

5. Offer sizable and bundled packages. Do you offer various discounted packages for groups that book rooms with you?

6. Listen to reviews. What do guests want in your online reviews? How do you compare to your competitors?

7. Make your space accessible. Can guests easily park, ride transportation, and get to your hotel. Is there good directional signage to your conference space?

8. Help promote conferences. Do you offer local advertising to help your guests with attendees for their conference? Do you have an event calendar on your website?

9. Maintain quality staff. Do you have access to bring in extra resources as needed? Can you train them and retain them when needed?

10. Be flexible. Is your space flexible enough to divvy into smaller conferences? Can you create facilities and staff to handle multiple conferences? Can you create dual-purpose rooms?

11. Go green. Have you adopted sustainable practices or options? Can you cut costs and gain new markets with more socially responsible products and services?

Overall flexibility and services are top requests when looking for conference spaces. Giving organizers access to all the channels they need within arms reach is what they want most.

Did we leave anything off the list?